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Acts 2:42 Groups

We typically have five or six 2:42 Home Fellowships meeting  Sunday afternoon through Thursday. Some groups continue throughout the summer while others break.

The main purpose of these gatherings is to cultivate the 4 glorious activities of the early church stated in Acts 2:42. The believers of the new-born church devoted themselves steadfastly to the apostle’s doctrine and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers. Likewise, we gather to nurture a steadfast devotion to those 4 essentials.

See weekly announcements on our Facebook page for times and locations.

Youth Meeting

Ezra & Megan Shepherd lead a weekly Bible and Fellowship time for teens at Dan & Melissa Wall’s home each Saturday at 6.30 pm.

Behold Your God Study

Due to the powerful impact this study had on our congregation we will occasionally repeat it for newer members. We are currently doing the sequel called The Weight of Majesty.

Below is a description of the materials from the website   

Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically, led by Dr. John Snyder, is a 12-week multimedia study that focuses on God’s self-revelation in the Bible, helping the believer to apply the descriptions of God to all of life.


The Behold Your God study is centered around a twelve-week workbook and is designed to be used in conjunction with the 13 DVD lessons. Each week the student will work through the workbook (five days per week) in preparation for watching the DVD. Behold Your God can be used as an individual, family, group, or church-wide study.
Each week’s DVD is made up of three segments. The historical introduction is a short biographical sketch of the life of a significant figure from Christian history whose ministry illustrates the truths that you have been studying that week. These were all filmed on location in Wales, England, Scotland, and North America. They include:


  • A. W. Tozer in “Week 1 – Beholding God: The Great Attraction” (Chicago, IL) (Watch Online here)

  • Timothy Dwight in “Week 2 – Beholding God: Clearing the Way For Our Return” (Yale University)

  • George Muller in “Week 3 – Beholding God: In the Bible” (Bristol, England)

  • Samuel Rutherford in “Week 4 – Beholding God: In the Face of Jesus Christ” (Anwoth, Scotland)

  • George Whitefield in “Week 5 – Beholding God: In the Work of Salvation” (Newburyport, MA)

  • Robert Murray M’Cheyne in “Week 6 – Beholding God and the Response of Personal Holiness” (Dundee, Scotland)

  • Charles Spurgeon in “Week 7 – Beholding God: Restoring Worship in Our Lives” (London, England),

  • Daniel Rowland in “Week 8 – Beholding God and Evangelism” (Llangeitho, Wales)

  • Amy Carmichael in “Week 9 – Beholding God and Our Christian Service” (Keswick, England)

  • Charles Finney in “Week 10 – Beholding a Lesser God?” (Anytown, USA)

  • D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones in “Week 11 – Beholding God: Avoiding the Lies of Pragmatism” (London, England)

  • Jonathan Edwards in “Week 12 – Seeking the God We Are Beholding” (New Haven, CT)

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