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Home Fellowship Groups

We typically have five or six  Home Fellowships meeting Sunday afternoon through Thursday. Some groups continue throughout the summer while others break.

The main purpose of these gatherings is to cultivate the 4 glorious activities of the early church stated in Acts 2:42. The believers of the new-born church devoted themselves steadfastly to the apostle’s doctrine and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and prayers. Likewise, we gather to nurture a steadfast devotion to those 4 essentials.

Every other Sunday 
Praying the Psalms

12:00 pm

Pastor Jamey Simpson will lead a study focused on enriching our prayer life by means of the Psalms. The fellowship is hosted in Vassalboro at the Libby home. Attendees are encouraged to bring a bag lunch. 

See church email announcements or contact us for more information. 

Tuesday Nights
NT Book Studies

6:00 pm

David Nelson will lead a Zoom meeting on The Beatitudes.​

See church announcements email or contact us for more information. 

Wednesday Nights 
The book of Revelation

Pastor Wayne and Dan Wall will lead a study on Revelation. Hosted at the Wall home in Vassalboro.

For more information, see the church announcements email or contact us.

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