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Book of Revelation

When: Tuesdays 6:30 pm
Start Date: October 11th
Location: Dan & Melissa Wall's home in Vassalboro
Leaders: Pastor Wayne Denny & Dan Wall

Book of Revelation

In this study we will be examining each chapter considering the four main views or approaches to interpreting Revelation.

1. Historist: Revelation is a pre-written record of the course of history from the time of John to the end of the world. Fulfillment is in progress and has been unfolding for 2000 years. Each of the 7 churches represents a certain age in church history.
2. Preterist: The prophecies of Revelation were fulfilled in the ancient past, or long after their writing. Some preterests think the final chapters look forward to the 2nd Coming while others see them as fulfilled already.
3. Futurist: The majority of the prophecies have not yet been fulfilled and will be in the future. Everything after chapter 4 happens in a brief period before the return of Christ.
4. Idealist/Spiritual: This approach does not find individual fulfillments of visions but takes Revelation to be a great drama depicting transcendent spiritual realities such as the spiritual conflict between Christ and Satan, the saints and antichristian world powers. It depicts the heavenly vindication and final victory of Christ and His church.

In this study we are also seeking to interpret the various signs and symbols John uses in Revelation from their OT context.

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