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Even Better than Eden

When: Wednesdays 6 pm
Start Date: February 1st
Location: Cornerstone
Leader: Pastor Jamey Simpson

Even Better than Eden

Based on a book by Nancy Guthrie this study traces 9 important themes in the Bible and how each theme impacts our lives. This is a wonderful and practical book! While the book will invite us to reflect on the bible in new ways, our time together will be spent mostly talking together about issues going on in our everyday lives.

The Bible is often summarized as creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. But we're destined for more! From the beginning, God's story has been headed toward consummation and glory. Guthrie traces nine themes that reveal God's plan for a new creation that's far more magnificent than the original---and explains how to recognize signs of it now. The themes explored are:

The Wilderness
The Tree
His Image
The Dwelling Place
A City

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