How to Handle Hot Potatoes:
Reaching out to a culture that confuses us

When: Wednesdays 6 pm
Start Date: October 12th
Location: Cornerstone
Leader: Pastor Jamey Simpson

How to Handle Hot Potatoes:
Reaching out to a culture that confuses us

1. Overview.
From the legalization of same-sex marriage to the Black Lives Matter movement, from the Covid 19 lockdown to the rise of Virtual Reality, the last few years have been years of remarkable upheaval, confusion, fear and anger- not only in the culture at large but also in the church. Sex, Race, Government, and Technology- these issues have split churches and alienated friends. They have also left us unsure about how to share the gospel in a culture we barely understand anymore. In this class we will do two things. First, we will seek to understand these hot potatoes Biblically. Second, we will discuss practical ways in which we can address them and reach out faithfully.

2. What to Expect.
Because of the nature of this study, we will be discussing some things that are not only sensitive but also complicated. It is not a book study but at the same time, we will discuss books and ideas. Thus, I will ask that you be patient with some book talk and ready to think deeply. This will be an engaged conversation mixed with some teaching. It is not a debate nor a place to complain, but a place to ask questions and seek wisdom. It will be a place in which we pray.

In 8 weeks we will handle four topics (Technology, Race, Sex, and Government) giving two
weeks to each topic. The first week will be dedicated to understanding the topic in light of the Bible. The second week will be dedicated to brainstorming practical ways we can reach out to this culture with grace and truth.

3. Schedule.
Time: 6pm-7:30 on Wednesdays. (one hour and thirty minutes)
Oct 12 Potato #1: Technology Understanding.
Oct 19 Potato #1: Technology Addressing and Reaching Out.
Oct 26 Potato #2: Sex Understanding.
Nov 2 Potato #2: Sex Addressing and Reaching Out.
Nov 9 Potato #3: Race Understanding.
Nov 16 Potato #3: Race Addressing and Reaching Out.
Nov 23 Off for Thanksgiving
Nov 30 Potato #4: Government Understanding.
Dec 7 Potato #4: Government Addressing and Reaching Out.