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Worship Music

Our worship music at Cornerstone is a blend of God-centered traditional hymns and contemporary songs. We are blessed with many talented musicians, and we employ a variety of musical instruments. Please note our objectives below:

Worship Team Mission Statement


God’s Presence


We will strive to lead people into a worshipful consciousness of God’s presence. We will focus on choosing songs, and delivery of that music in a way that draws the heart and mind toward the living God.

Glorify and Enjoy God


We will make music choices and seek to minister in ways that give glory to God. We desire to have the congregation look forward to the music presented and to enjoy their time spent singing praises to the Lord.

God Focused, Not “Me” Focused


We will use our talents in a way that is pleasing to the Lord. It is all for Him and all about pleasing Him. We will strive to joyfully give our utmost for His Highest. We will seek to minister rather than perform. The lyrics to our music choices will be God-focused rather than me-centered.

Enhance the Preaching


We will strive to structure the music based on the sermon, congregational needs or other special circumstances. We will seek opportunities to further enhance God’s message delivered through the sermon, either by the musical lyrics or through spoken messages before or during the music worship time.

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